Jeroen is a React Typescript enthousiast that scratches his entrepreneurial itch by building new things and managing software projects.

Pleased to meet you.

Hello there. My name is Jeroen Peeters.

I am currently living in Maasmechelen, Belgium and working as a Frontend developer at Inventive Designers. I am also helping to create a better way for people to use blockchain technology at nOS, as a core developer and project manager.

Previously, I worked as a consultant on various projects at VRT, Colruyt Group, CityDepot and NMBS (Belgian Rail). I also contributed at City Of Zion, a developer organization tied to the NEO blockchain ecosystem.

This site came to life out of a reignited interest to build stuff. At the moment, the following things are part of my focus projects:

  • Improve my React and Typescript knowledge
  • Improve my design and UX skills
  • Write down my thoughts and experiences in a blog format
  • Learn and improve building computers (mainly Hackintoshes)
  • Learn how programming languages work and create one myself