Trying styled-jsx made me love styled-components

Thoughts that will become an article

  1. Building a site with next -> styled-jsx is built in
  2. Searching the addition of custom fonts, there's a nice and quick plugin for Next to add them
  3. It also has an example for styled-component's SSR version, so consider me intrigued
  4. Global styles are easy and cool, page specific styles quickly become a mess in styled-jsx
  5. I want some oversight, so refactoring styles to styled-components then it is
  6. Immediately there's more structure because we're thinking in components
  7. Obviously, this could be done in styled-jsx as well, and I wonder why no detailed examples are in the repo?
  8. They link an article on how to get started but show no real usable examples. sad.gif
  9. Refactoring global styles to styled-components was a breeze, ugh.

Possible additions for this or a future article

  • Research into multiple css-in-js frameworks
  • Research into css-in-js and ssr
  • freestyler has an article on css-in-js generations, styled-jsx looks a lot like 5th gen css-in-jss
  • typestyle is another cool library, but styled-components has cool features